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I have over 33 years of Experience in Litigation, Arbitration, Corporate and Bankruptcy Law. I have Litigated and Drafted any manner of Agreement. I went to the best Schools, graduated with Honors, worked at one of this Country's Biggest Law Firms, worked at the New York District Attorney's Office, and was the CFO for a Multi-Million Dollar Import Company. I assure you, I will win your Trust. 

If you leave this WebSite with one thing in mind it should be that I anticipate problems you may likely experience--and I draft Agreements as if I were sure you were going to litigate or Arbitrate their Breach. And, since I draft these essential Agreements for my Clients, I know how to litigate the rotten ones. 

The corporate attorney you hired to draft your most important Agreements, he has never stepped foot in a Court, in front of a Judge or a Jury.

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Before you Engage an Attorney, you Must First Decide what kind of Attorney you Need

 On my linkedin page, I recently wrote an article called: "Why is Commercial Litigation Like Chess?" A lot of people seemed to like it, perhaps because of its catchy title. 

--The answer is simple: the Dominant Chess Player Always Thinks Three Steps Ahead

Successful Companies are the same--they do not succeed because of luck--They recognize that all business problems are legal problems which can be controlled if their Agreements are drafted with Arbitration or Litigation in Mind--in other words, they think three steps ahead.

"Thinking three steps ahead" means to anticipate a dispute and draft your Agreements as if you are certain to go to Court. 

This makes me stand out from other Attorneys--I have experience on both sides of the table: Litigation and Drafting.

Large firms--the ones that ask for a $50,000 retainer to walk in the door so they can pay their associates ridiculous salaries and cover their overhead--have two departments that do not speak. There is the Corporate Department and the Litigation Department. An Agreement drafted by a corporate attorney may sound great, it may look great, but it almost always fails to contain provisions which anticipate litigation--and, why is that? Because they do not litigate. You just invested $25-50,000 for the privilege of paying huge attorney's fees, suffer endless delays in Court or Arbitration, and risk Corporate Stability. 

Every Company needs Agreements; but in order to enforce those key Agreements, you must anticipate they will be breached--and a corporate attorney does not know litigation

So, who do you hire to draft your most important Agreements, I think you know by now: you hire someone who has Corporate and Litigation experience. 

This is what I provide: Agreements with Litigation Strength.

Face it: unless your key Agreements Anticipate Litigation or Arbitration, they are just pieces of paper.   

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